If the big R & R on the home page as well as the two pictures haven’t given you a clue, they stand for Radio and Railroads.

Marlin Taylor Age 2 or 3

Marlin Taylor Age 2 or 3

What do I look like? Here’s a couple of photos taken of me seventy-sum years apart. The first taken somewhere in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, which is where I was born and lived the first 21 years of my life … and did return for the decade of the 1990’s. Where’s Bucks County? It’s that wonderful area along the Delaware River just north of Philadelphia, where George Washington and his troops boarded boats on the night of December 25th, 1776, to cross the river and attack the British, who were encamped at Trenton, the capital of New Jersey.

The second photo of me was taken in the fall of 2016 while Alicia and I were visiting the Berkshire region of western Massachusetts.

During the many years since being drafted into the United States Army at age 22, with the exception of one year during my Army time, I’ve lived and worked somewhere along the “northeast corridor,” which stretches from Washington, D. C. ––near where we are at present––to Boston.

Marlin Taylor 2016

What’s the story behind Radios & Railroads?  Well, my connection with the railroad (“trains” if you will) began quite early, as my first home was two blocks from the Newtown, Bucks County, train station where my Grandfather Taylor was a conductor on the short steam-powered passenger trains that would start in Newtown and make stops at many other communities on their way into downtown Philadelphia. Then, the love affair began for real when while not yet four, we moved to a house located only about 200 feet from tracks which carried steam express passenger trains, electric commuter trains, and freight trains.

One of these freight trains would often stop across the way to drop off cars loaded with coal for a dealer located just the other side of the tracks.

Washington’s Crossing, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

The radio love affair began immediately following the end of World War Two when my mother, realizing how much her son was taken by music and other sounds which came from a radio, found the money to provide him with his very own radio … the exact model as pictured here.

So this gives you an idea of who I am and how I came to begin my lifelong love affairs with both of these two great industries … both of which have played a massive role in the history of the United States of America.

Yet, this is just the beginning of my story, as it’s now more than 70 years since these love affairs began. There are many more stories and lots of photos to share in the time ahead.  Stand by!